Mr. Fernando

Mr. Fernando Luís Ferreira Pinto CEO and founder of (AMERICAN DREAM INTERNATIONAL) born in the city of Benguela, Angola in 1960 and lived there untill the age of 15.
Left to Portugal in 1975 due to war in the country where I lived in for about a year and in 1977 I emigrated to United States of America where I settled in New Jersey with my family.
At the age of 17 I started working at a local manufacturing company for few months and later that year I went to work for a company in the Fulton Fish Market in Manhattan, NY City.

Also that year I met the love of my life. In October 1979 we married and in 1981 we had our first son Alex. In 1983 my daughter Vanessa was born and they grew up in New Jersey. Later, they got married and have 4 children each to which we are very proudly grandparents of eight beautiful children. In 1992 I opened my first construction company (USA Const inc.) in NJ State and also was still working for the fish market. In 2000 I left the fish market to continue my dream in construction.

I started as a subcontractor with States jobs participating in the construction of a new building (Rehabilitation Health Center) of Caldwell NJ for the senior citizens, then built a building for the FBI in Boonton NJ. Many other private local construction contracts, new single and multiple family homes, renovation of buildings and houses in the State of NJ, NY, and Connecticut.
In 2005 we moved to Orlando, Florida where me my son and son-in-law established and opened our company (American Dream Construction) in the field of renovation of shopping malls, and private entities in all of United States of America.
In 2010 I was invited by a friend of mine to build a school and a worship place in lacrosse Senegal.

On that trip I noticed the need for housing and other projects for the local government and private government projects. In 2011 we built 3 prefabricated model homes to present to the local government for future contracts.

In 2012 I was invited by a Ivory Coast group of friends to visit the country for similar projects for government and private projects. After my second trip to Ivory Coast we opened our construction company (American International Group Agricom Abijan) in partnership with Mr. Matar Diop Kane from Senegal and two local friends (Haury Livergor and his Brother Delange Haury) to join our efforts for “Africa Development”.

In February 2016 we opened another company in Orlando, Florida (American Dream Agricom International) in partnership with Mr. Daniyal Alame which is the primary company to operate in all international projects and also opened a second company in Abidjan (American Dream Agricom International) with previous partners.

Recently our company joined together with Mr. Keita Amara CEO of the (Africa Development and Investment) a local company in Ivory Coast to work together for the “Africa Development” and all Africa countries. Our goal is to work together with local governments to create a partnership with local companies for all of the development needs.

In our company today we have partners in USA and international organizations, investors and construction companies with the best technology for the development and needs of countries in the world.

I am hopeful that me and my partners together will succeed in this new endeavor and may GOD Almighty Bless us.